MSS - FleetBroadband Services

Partnering with Inmarsat, the leading company in the industry, Orbital Connect provides a dependable and cost-effective Fleet Broadband service. 

These terminals provide a robust L band connectivity with 99.9 percent network availability. Inmarsat delivers global coverage using the I-4 satellite network of the operator. 

Customers can benefit from our packages with data speeds up to 432Kbps and get connected to the internet and their email. Surf and make phone calls at very competitive rates. 

Take advantage of the easy installation and simple network integration.


Satellite Voice Services

Orbital Connect provides unparalleled global satellite voice communication with guaranteed connection to high-quality voice calls, messaging anywhere. Operating over Inmarsat I-4 satellite network, our team ensures you can rely on 99,99% service availability. Using Inmarsat’s reliable network, you can have seamlessly worldwide roaming even in the worst environmental conditions. 

Having Orbital Connect’s solutions in place you can stay connected, keep people updated with your GPS coordinates and receive notifications. In addition, Orbital Connect provides free of charge Global Assistance from GEOS which allows you to send a message to the 24/7 GEOS emergency response center and to get the help that you need.

Orbital Connect has the satellite connectivity services you need for keeping you safe, secure, and connected, no matter where the adventure takes you.

Marine chief officer or captain on deck

Fleet Hot Spot

We understand in depth the importance of crew welfare nowadays.  To keep the crew connected becomes more and more important for  the ship owners. It’s hard to stay away from your loved ones while sailing for months at sea. That’s why Orbital Connect provides the digital comfort of home to the most remote maritime place. With Fleet Hot Spot we provide a reliable Wi-Fi service for the crew members who can easily access the Internet service independent from the business operations aboard.

You can log in whenever you want from your laptop, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere on the vessel and enjoy Orbital Connect’s Internet connection.

Our Hotspot service can be managed, and members can configure by themselves their own access. The self-portal allows the purchase of the desired data plan and easy payment via credit or debit card.

Our service has completely dedicated bandwidth from the ship network which ensures an uninterrupted connection to a high-speed satellite network.

Orbital Connect’s solution onboard helps ship owners to improve vessel competitiveness enhancing the value of the provided services onbord and attracting more passengers and clients.


TV Services

Orbital Connect works with leading national and global providers to deliver high-quality TV service to its customers. 

Discover the future of the TV onboard with various channels that anyone can choose from! Our antennas support Direct TV, Dish, and various European, Middle East, and South America DTH TV providers. Our TVRO systems onboard provide satellite TV reception while the ship is in motion.TVRO stabilized antennas are easy to install and allow our customers to receive hundreds of TV channels.

Streaming maniacs can utilize Orbital Connect VSAT Service of 5 Mbps and up which gives you the freedom to watch and stream your favorite movies and shows from anywhere. Sling, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ Tubi, etc are now accessible in the ocean. Among the supported devices are Smart TV, Android, IOS, Firestick, Enigma, or MAG TV box. 

Wi-Fi Integration

Get consistent Wi-Fi internet connections aboard your vessel with the Orbital Connect`s fully managed solution. We provide professional installation, service, and support at a low monthly cost and with no large capital investment.


The Wi-Fi Internet can be accessed anywhere throughout the ship and is delivered through both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, allowing the user to set up separate networks – corporate restricted and voucher-based.



Orbital Connect partners with leading Telecom and Data providers to secure a reliable 4G/ LTE Internet connectivity for the Maritime sector.

Our customers enjoy supreme coverage in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Asia. Our 4G/ LTE for marine vessels provides a flexible network solution that adapts as your yacht or ship moves – changing networks seamlessly. 4G/ LTE connection can reduce your cost and provide greater user internet experience.


Having in place Orbital Connect`s solution means your marine workers can complete their work unhindered by connectivity issues, while security and operational processes can also be optimized. Our technicians or partners can install the equipment on the spot or we can ship it overnight to your location, worldwide.



Orbital Connect`s voice service is an Over the Top (OTT) cloud business communication and collaboration solution. Orbital Connect provides all the necessary equipment and professional installation.


We offer quick configuration and customization through IT administration and end-user portals. Our Voice Solution has comprehensive features, including the ability to integrate with many third-party applications. Orbital Connect`s solution is a plug-and-play service. Once a client agrees on the solution, the phone services can be up and running quickly.


Cyber Security

Marine and Off-Shore Vessels must ensure the high availability and performance of networks to protect against Internet threats. With limited IT resources, it is extremely difficult to maintain the infrastructure.


Orbital Connect`s Managed Security Service is a fully managed solution which consists of network design, equipment installation, and monitoring. It provides high-performance and secure Internet connectivity while reducing the IT burden of self-managed firewall equipment.


IoT Video Surveillance

Consider a Cloud backup of your trip and everything that happens on the ship!

Make sure there are no unexpected or unrecorded events while you sail. Video surveillance is a must when transporting critical products and goods or when you just want to make sure everything is under control while you are away.

Orbital Connect provides all necessary equipment, install, and maintenance for your peace of mind.


Digital Ground Station

Orbital Connect offers digital access to cutting-edge Ground Station services based in the Teleport facility. Geographically diversify your ground segment network by adding a new location.

Schedule downlink and uplink sessions and access your data anywhere thanks to our web-based access to the service through an API and a dedicated web application. 

Our Ground Station Configurator allows you to input multiple ground station configurations for frequency, modulation, polarization, and protocols. As well as verify all optimal passes for your satellite based on its orbit and our antenna availability. You can access the data through a Digital Mission Control interface or our API.