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Fixed VSAT

Unlimited connectivity to rural, military, emergency and remote arias

Orbital Connect is eager to connect even the most remote and rural locations around the Globe at affordable prices. Our overall satellite coverage in C, KU and KA bands allows a secure and robust VSAT network that provides reliable and tailor-made end-to-end solutions.

Our technical team is fully committed to the design and the implementation of the most efficient network for our customers.

We partner  with the leading satellite operators SES and Inmarsat and a network of Teleport operators to ensure unparalleled and uninterrupted services. Orbital Connect utilizes leading manufacturers of VSAT equipment to satisfy all customer requirements.

Our sophisticated network of satellites provide connectivity to enterprises, isolated areas, military bases, and emergency locations and any other enterprises.

Our technical support team will always be there if your primary network gets disrupted. In case of disaster, we are here to ensure that your business and communication continue, using back-up satellite internet.



Orbital Connect solutions are fully redundant. Having more than 15 years of telecommunications expertise you can rely on us in terms of your internet connection!

We are Orbital Connect! Welcome on board!

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