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Fixed VSAT


Military operations / Rural areas 

Orbital Connect understands that carrying out of military and governmental operations aren’t possible without reliable Internet connectivity. Rural and Isolated deployment means reliable satellite connection is often the sole solution to keeping everyone connected.

Using the latest technology and top-notch equipment, we guarantee our customers a secure and continuous unlimited VSAT link which allows the successful completion of the mission. 

The company uses a unique network of satellites in C and KU band delivering  main Internet service and also a redundant satellite link to avoiding any potential outages and the possibility of damaging base operations. 


Orbital Connect is specialized in providing a satellite internet services to Governmental locations in countries with poor telecom infrastructure. Contemporary missions require an uninterruptible and unlimited VSAT connectivity. Our team is capable of establishment private and secured networks to connect the entire governmental system, from remote  locations to rural areas. 

Partnering with various Tier 1 providers and having a mutual interconnection, we ensure to our client a stable Layer 2 or Layer 3 service. In addition, the company uses the latest and approved iDirect equipment and fully redundant satellite network that guarantees the service availability. 


Orbital Connect`s technical team is fully prepared to ensure instant VSAT links in case of emergency situations. Because of increasing weather disasters Internet service is may be  disrupted. Flooding, seismic activity, wildfires, high winds in isolated areas  we’re are here to help you around the clock.


Because of our 24/7/365 satellite connectivity we are available to ensure  instant replacement of any damaged  network. 

Our VSAT equipment is easy to install because of our international network of partners who react immediately in case of any disaster. Orbital Connect uses the latest VSAT technology and equipment to deliver a reliable and robust Satellite Internet. 

Let us take care of your Telecom needs. You can count on us!

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