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neXat platform unlocks new global markets for Orbital Connect

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

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Connectivity service providers in Africa and North America will get a better choice of satellite network thanks to a new partnership between SatADSL and Orbital Connect.

SatADSL will target the African and North American fixed VSAT markets while Orbital Connect will use SatADSL’s flagship cloud platform neXat, a cloud services Platform as a Service (Paas), to deliver satellite connectivity to underserved areas.

“By working together, SatADSL and Oribtal Connect will be able to deliver a great deal of value to each other’s operations and customers” said SatADSL CEO Thierry Eltges. “Orbital Connect is a key provider to the maritime market, an important market for SatADSL, meaning we can utilize their access to grow our footprint. Meanwhile, our voucher-based system and value-added services will help Orbital Connect expand their market reach and offer high-quality services to their customers.”

neXat is a complete OSS/BSS in the cloud that acts as an intermediary platform between teleport and hub operators and the marketplace and offers its partners access to SatADSL’s network of resellers across four continents.

neXat will give Orbital Connect the ability to extend its capabilities by adding new satellite beams and providing its customers access to the platform.

“The agreement with SatADSL opens the door for us to better serve our customers by giving them the ability to choose the most appropriate satellite network depending on the region and the available satellite hardware”, said Director of Business Development at Orbital Connect Krasimir Terziev. “Our team will go the extra mile in meeting our customer’s expectations and understanding the core of their needs in the context of a market that is becoming more challenging and the demand more complicated”.

Orbital Connect partners with leading vendors on the market to deliver turn-key solutions to the end-customer and offers more than three thousand satellite products. Both companies will be able to supply the needed equipment along with the VSAT services using the latest technology.

About Orbital Connect

Orbital Connect is Los Angeles based company with sales office in Bulgaria, Europe. The company provides a wide range of satellite and ground communication services and equipment delivering end-to-end solutions all under one roof. We build our scalable solutions lead by the vision of a world in which satellite connectivity and IoT mean safety, empower progress, and ensure sustainability.

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