Satellite Companies' Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

May 5, 2020--This month the Satellite Markets and Research asked executives of satellite companies from all over the world on what impact has the global COVID-19 pandemic has had on their business and what measures have they taken to respond to the crisis and how they see their companies emerging from all these.  The companies represent a cross-section of the various segments of the industry including manufacturers and service providers.  Here are their responses:

Manuel Lobeira, CEO ACORDE Technologies Santander, Spain

Fortunately, so far, from the operational point of view, the only impact suffered by ACORDE is some longer transportation times for some part of the component supplies that we need. Obviously there is a personal impact due to the great global concern and the limited interactions, travels, etc., which affect meetings and some other activities of our customers.

Our company implemented immediately all the recommendations of the Health administrations and went even further: teleworking has been implemented for those who can, and the rest of the staff is being provided with single use personal protective equipment (PPE), redistributing the factory production facilities to guarantee the social distancing, cleaning infrastructures, contactless biometric access control. On top of that, ACORDE has contributed to the community by financially supporting the acquisition of ventilators and medical PPE for the regional health services.

All the good work done in the past permitted us to deal with this crisis in a more comfortable way, thus we will keep on doing the good things of the past (fast and flexible response to customer request, quality as the basis of every development, innovation and robustness as key factors) while introducing some new elements from the lessons learnt (i.e. some degree of teleworking to further improve the existing family reconciliation, more virtual meetings reducing trips and improving the user experience).

John Restivo, CEO Advantech Wireless Montreal, Canada

Despite the evolving COVID-19 pandemic and related economic conditions, Advantech Wireless Technologies Inc. and Alga Microwave Inc. continue to be fully operational around the globe.

Both companies confirm that they remain open for business despite recent announcements of temporary regional government shutdowns. Advantech and Alga supply products to leading Canadian and American global communications companies, as well as governments and their agencies and the militaries of many NATO countries. As such, we are regarded as an “essential business” or our products as “high priority”, meaning products that are essential to critical infrastructure viability in defense, media and telecommunications industries.

In addition, our sales and engineering teams remain available to support customers as needed.

In order to supply these critical products, we have taken a number of proactive and precautionary measures to protect the health and safety of our workers, customers and communities, including work from home, bans on travel, and self-isolation when required. We have also implemented additional measures in our facilities to protect workers, drawing on the experiences gained from our operations in China, South Korea and Vietnam. As we continue to monitor and assess the global impact of COVID-19 on our business, we will regularly adapt and evolve these measures as circumstances require.

Our highest priorities are keeping our employees safe, ensuring our ability to serve you during this difficult time.

Krystal Dredge, Marketing Director AvL Technologies Asheville, North Carolina, USA