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Maritime VSAT

Unlimited connectivity to merchant, offshore, passenger,  yacht and fishing vessels.

Following the company’s motto “Connected anywhere” Orbital Connect specializes in providing reliable and flexible internet connectivity onboard using the latest technologies. We offer turnkey VSAT solutions for all market verticals from Yachts, to Merchant, Offshore  Passenger,  and Fishing vessels.

Orbital Connect provides global VSAT services through SES’ SKALA platform and Inmarsat‘s FX and GX in C, KU, KA frequency bands. The company offers also a regional coverage within North and Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa to deliver high-speed satellite connectivity with optimized cost. Our team offers Mobile Satellite Services of Inmarsat in the L-Band as well – Fleetbroadband and Fleet One with regional coastal and global coverage.  

Our technical team's commitment is to design, install and implement a tailor-made service for each of our clients. Our sales team is dedicated to ensuring excellent after-sales support. We offer scalable packages with dedicated and shared internet capacity with flexible commercial terms.

Call us for a free consultation so we can help you choose the best option. We have a wide range of additional services on board including 4G/LTE connection, TV/OTT solutions, Voice over IP, Wi-Fi onboard local network integration, Video Surveillance, Procurement & Maintenance platforms, and Cybersecurity.

Orbital Connect uses the latest VSAT technology and integrating robust equipment, secure Teleport services, and overall satellite coverage. As our network expands we will improve capabilities and extend our portfolio of services.


We are eager to connect our customers to  the Globe!

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