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Bobby Kirchev

Bobby Kirchev

Director of Sales

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Bobby joined Orbital Connect team as AMERICAS Manager Enterprise Satellite Solutions back in 2019 after holding management positions at major US and European telecoms. He has 2 decades of experience in all aspects of the global telecom and satellite industry. Throughout these years, Bobby learned the importance of delivering superior customer service. He strongly believes that the key to success is to have strong personal relationship with the clients and provide exceptional presales and post-sales support. Having that internal drive and leading a team of like-minded sales professionals helped him secure numerous commercial, government and defense projects during his career.


Bobby is dedicated to growing the company’s AMERICAS division, supported by the company’s strong North American and European presence. He likes to say: “Where the other give up their efforts to meet the customer’s expectations, we step in and do the most important and difficult extra step or two.” Where the other see crises Bobby sees new opportunity and a great change.

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