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Vsat atlantis
vsat atlantis
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VSAT Atlantis

VSAT Atlantis is a global broadband service that utilizes SES' Skala network in the Ku band. This is a next-generation Global Platform optimized for the delivery of high-quality broadband services.This network provides global coverage and unprecedented scalability, enabling you to increase capacity as required without additional hardware costs.
SES' Skala combines wide-beam and high-throughput satellites in geostationary orbit, connected to an expansive terrestrial MPLS network via global teleport gateways, and ensures that scalable and secure service.
SES' Skala provides flexible bandwidth management, automatic beam switching, and sophisticated network management to maximize efficiency in bandwidth delivery for vessels in the marine sector. Maritime customers can receive the best service to address their business needs and requirements regardless of the location.
Our service offers unparalleled flexibility because of its customizable service plans and diverse data rates. Our clients get the satellite connectivity they need at a price that fits their budget best.

Fleets express

Fleet express

Fleet Express is a global maritime service by Inmarsat, a leading provider of satellite communication services. Its design provides high-speed, reliable connectivity for vessels operating at sea, enabling them to stay connected with the shore and the others at sea.
Inmarsat's advanced Fleet Xpress network delivers the service which combines the power of Inmarsat's Global Xpress Ka-band satellite constellation with a dedicated maritime service platform known as the FleetBroadband in L-band. This platform provides seamless, uninterrupted connectivity across the world's oceans, committed service level and bandwidth, and 99.99% network availability.
Fleet Xpress is a uniquely flexible solution. It leverages the world's most advanced satellite constellation to link your connectivity ecosystem and deliver a best-in-class experience. The service is available in different plans, and the client can easily choose a plan that aligns best with their business and objectives. You can spend on what you use, and nothing else, by selecting a package with speed and data that suits your needs today. Fleet Xpress empowers your crew, simplifies and standardizes IT operations, and boosts operational efficiency. Fleet Express offers a wide range of features and benefits for clients in the maritime industry, including Fleet Hot Spot, Fleet Secure, Fleet Data, Self Service Portal, Fleet Care, Fleet Mail, and Bandwidth Management.

fleet express
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Fleet Broadbnd
fleet broadband
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Fleet broadband

FleetBroadband is Inmarsat's most reliable and cost-effective satellite communication solution and enables dependable voice and data services with global coverage. FleetBroadband works beyond expectations with over 99.9% network availability. FleetBroadband is based on the BGAN network and provides a seamless broadband connection utilizing Inmarsat's I-4 satellite constellation. L-band's technology reliability makes it ideal for a backup service to the high-speed Fleet Xpress, keeping the internet connection alive and the data flowing back and forth no matter what happens. A compact satellite antenna provides an easily installed and configured service. The solution includes:
1. A Simultaneous voice and standard IP data up to 432 kbps for web browsing and email;
2. Real-time electronic charts and weather reporting
3. Streaming IP up to 256 kbps for live video applications
4. Up to nine voice lines from a single satellite terminal
5. GSM calls and texts over a mobile phone with FB250 and FB500 terminals
6. Emergency call
7. Compatibility with IP, voice, and ISDN encryption equipment
8. Support for discrete operations with GPS-free features. FleetBroadband is compatible with many crew welfare applications. With FleetBroadband, you will always be within reach of land, no matter where in the world you are. Always-on, uninterrupted, secure connection globally, guaranteed.

Iridium Certus Maritime

Iridium certus maritime

Powered by the Iridium Low Earth Orbit constellation in L-band, Iridium Certus is a multi-service platform, providing 100% global coverage for various market verticals. The solution supports voice, data, and broadcasting services and meets the growing demand in the Maritime sector. With speed capabilities ranging from 22 Kbps to 704 Kbps*, Iridium Certus® offers the highest speed, weather-resilient L-band connectivity, and the only truly global mobile satellite service on the market. Iridium Certus is a flexible, evolving platform, and the client can combine devices and service speeds to match its needs. Whether staying connected with loved ones while at sea, responding to an emergency, or maintaining business continuity, Iridium Certus offers a superior platform to deliver the most critical information when and where you need it most.

iridium certus maritime
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Iridium certus


4g lte
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Orbital Connect and leading Telecom and Data providers secure reliable 4G/ LTE Internet connectivity for the Maritime sector.
Our customers enjoy supreme coverage in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia. Our 4G/ LTE for marine vessels provides a flexible network solution that adapts as your yacht or ship moves – changing networks seamlessly. 4G/ LTE connection reduces cost and provides a better user internet experience.
Having in place Orbital Connect`s solution means your marine workers can complete their work unhindered by connectivity issues. You can optimize  Security and operations too. Our technicians or partners can install the equipment on the spot, or we can ship it to your location worldwide.


Starlink Maritime

Orbital Connect collaborates with Speedcast, an authorized Starlink reseller, to offer high-speed maritime connectivity services utilizing Starlink's Low Earth Orbit (LEO) constellation. A reliable connectivity for boats, ships, yachts and rigs, Starlink Maritime delivers high- speed, low-latency broadband internet at sea. Enabled by a constellation of thousands
of low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, Starlink Maritime offers speeds of up to 350 Mbps, enabling video calls, streaming and other high data rate applications. Starlink Maritime service is available for use in waters around the Globe. Coverage in 
local Territorial Waters is contingent on Government approval. The connectivity service is provided on a best effort basis.
The service comes with a ruggedized plug and play satellite terminal, that is easy to operate and install. Orbital Connect seamlessly combines the Starlink LEO network with other GEO and 4G connectivity delivering a continued and uninterruptable connectivity. Starlink Business has more than double the antenna capacity of Starlink, delivering faster and higher throughput to remote and rural locations. We provide Responsive Support - 24/7 phone, email & client portal support for high availability operations, without the wait.

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Starlink Maritime

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