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Product Customization

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Orbital Connect is your partner when you need product customization.

Product Customization is met very often in the process of purchasing RF Components and systems. It is because of the specific requirements which some of our clients have. When a customer is building a satellite system or addressing unique application needs, they turn to Orbital Connect, knowing that we represent over 30 manufacturers of equipment, and we carefully select our vendors to stick to our vision of selling products with sustainable quality from companies with flowless name and proven capabilities.

We offer Product Customization as an additional service when required.

The most often customizations have the abbreviation Swap (size, weight, and power efficiency).

The clients need these customizations to help them fit in components according to limitations in space, weight, specific applications, pursued results, etc.  On the other hand, deciding on the manufacturer for a given

customization is very important. With every separate inquiry, we weigh and factor in Industry expertise, application expertise, previous experience, technical skill, production, communication skills, completed mutual projects management, and others.

We bridge the product customization process by following our company’s protocol from the inquiry stage through the purchasing order. Our commitment involves the involvement of our engineers and building a communication foundation between the client and the manufacturer, where Orbital Connect takes over the management of the project development, execution, and completion. In our inquiries, we often find requirements such as:

  • On-time and on-budget completion of the customization

  • Standards and certification programs, especially in the government sector

  • Multi-band capabilities such as Commercial and Military Ka, Standard, Extended, and Low Band Ku

  • Operating conditions specific requirements to temperature, design, durability, etc.

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