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How to choose the right LNB

Satellite Internet configuration is not an easy or fast decision to make. Clients have to consider not only its purpose and cost but also the specific features of the different components, which the equipment has when they are choosing satellite connectivity solutions.

The LNB is among the most important components of Satellite Internet hardware.

There are mainly three types of LNBs depending on the frequency conversion oscillator. These are Dielectric Resonant Oscillator (DRO) Types, Phase Locked Loop (PLL)Types, and External Referenced Phase Locked Types.

Customers should consider more than fifty technical parameters, before choosing the right LNB. Often they don’t pay attention when selecting this part of the satellite link which results in RF leakage, rejection of transmitting signals, in and out-band spurious performance, long-term aging effects, vibration effect, corrosion, negative environmental effects, and overall reliability concerns.

Some of the major parameters that customers should precisely research are Noise Figure, Gain, Local Oscillator Frequency Stability, and LNB Phase Noise Performance.

In their article Norsat (one of the world-renowned manufacturers of Satellite connectivity components) describes the difference in LNBs types according to their applications:

“Satellite digital paging networks require a high stability PLL or even External Reference PLL LNB such as the Norsat 1000 or 3000 series

MPEG II digital video applications require high stability DRO LNBs such as the Norsat 4000 series.

VSAT and Point of Sale (POS) systems may use a DRO LNB but most users prefer a PLL to ensure the highest possible system reliability. Radio and TV broadcast stations use PLL types to ensure the most reliable performance of their station.

Satellite News Gathering (SNG) trucks use Norsat 1000 Series PLL LNBs for the most reliable performance in the worst conditions.

Norsat’s 3200-BPF-C Series featured LNBs with an internal bandpass filter that can be used for 5G Interference rejection in the C-band.”

The article could be found at

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