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Internet connectivity close to shore. How Peplink and Poynting devices work together

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

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Technologies are rapidly evolving and we depend on them more and more in our everyday life to receive information and make the right decisions. From a weather report to browsing social media just for fun, we will probably not going to reverse our lifestyle to the pre-digital times.

No matter in what aspect of life we decide to apply them, technologies will continue to be invented by the people to serve the people.

With the need for constant, high-speed, and uninterrupted connectivity sailors and boat owners around the world can choose between different solutions while sailing but most of these solutions would be a significant investment not only in terms of hardware but in satisfying broadband speed, as well. When consulting our clients on what is the best internet solution for them, we emphasize these three: the purpose of use; the boat life traits, the near future plans of the owners.

This article addresses one specific group of sailors, who sail near the shore, even when taking long trips, live on a boat, or have weekends leisure sailing routines.

If this is your case, you might have already noticed that satellite connectivity is available in different shapes and prices but they might not necessarily be the right solutions for you.

There is a reasonable option on the market to supply your boat with high-speed internet with the small investment of $500 to $1000 using Peplink and Poynting equipment.


Peplink is a multi-function router device that connects to the Internet through LTE or 5G cellular modem and needs to have a SIM card and data plan from a cell phone company.

When a boat owner needs to route traffic to onboard a wireless or wired network Peplink is the solution that allows people and devices to have access to the Internet. Those who sail close to shore and stop at public marinas, can use Marina’s WI-FI and avoid using the LTE data during this time. You have to keep in mind that with this solution you can have reliable connectivity only in the range of about 10 miles offshore. The ability of these devices to connect to Wi fi is important when you are in roaming and your LTE comes expensive in the foreign country you enter. Another advantage that Pepink also provides is the comfort of not using your phone as a hotspot.

For better reach, and if you change plans and decide to sail in deeper waters, you may need to install a separate LTE antenna which will provide you with uninterrupted internet further than the tenth mile.

Poynting’s marine antennas are specifically designed for the harsh environments at sea, where UV, high water, and salt spray protection are as important as the performance of the antenna. Poynting MIMO and Omni series are among these products which fit best for your boat.


MIMO-3-17 7-IN-1 LTE ANTENNA 410 – 3800 MHz, 6.2dBi

Questions to consider when deciding on Marine solutions with Peplink modems and Poynting antennas:

How often and how much do you need internet on your boat? What is your internet user’s behavior? Do you intend to check emails, hold virtual meetings or watch movies?

Once you define the bandwidth which you are going to use we can consult you about the proper equipment which aligns with your digital needs.

Building your solution at Orbital Connect, we take into consideration the number of modems, the type of connection you would like to have, the advantages of the new trends in technologies like the 5G network the budget you want to spend, and the specific geographical distribution of cellular networks.

Orbital Connect is an LA-based company that provides a wide range of satellite and ground communication services delivering end-to-end solutions to most remote locations and marine vessels at one point of sale.

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