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New Intellian v45C Antenna Delivers VSAT Internet to Small Vessels

On 15th Feb, 2021 Intellian Technologies USA, Inc, launched its innovative new v45C antenna which aims to bring VSAT to small vessels. This is a great news for all small sized leisure or fishing boats, yachts, commercial and government vessels, which have limited space for telecommunication equipment.

“The v45C antenna will deliver compact, cost-effective connectivity to multiple customer segments, especially those which have been unable to install VSAT in the past owing to space considerations or performance constraints.”, said Eric Sung, CEO, Intellian Technologies.

Orbital Connect is an authorized distributor of Intellian Technologies, and has already included the innovative Intellian v45C in its portfolio.

The antenna is available for per-order at:

For more information:

USA office: +1.888.315.9545

European office: +359.878.560.555

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