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Orbital Connect recognized as Bronze ST Engineering iDirect BePart Partner

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Orbital Connect, an end-to-end satellite service provider, has announced that it has become an ST Engineering iDirect Bronze BePart Partner. This agreement will equip Orbital Connect with more complex and versatile technical solutions and a high level of customer support enabling it to build long-term partnerships with its clients.

ST Engineering iDirect’s BePart program rewards partners’ performance through an attractive program, offering training and sales support. By combining local market knowledge and expertise with ST Engineering iDirect’s products, “high touch” sales support, dedicated training, and marketing tools in a devoted partnership, business and revenue is increased.

st Engineering certificate
st Engineering certificate

The achievement is an opportunity for Orbital Connect to expand its current iDirect portfolio with Dialog, Evolution and Velocity platforms, and SSPA products. iDirect professional equipment, such as HUB systems, Redundancy Switches, Converters, and more, is well known in the broadcasting industry and among satellite service providers.

The broadcasting industry is growing, and the consumers' demand for more content with better quality needs more data distribution over satellite. iDirect solutions allow scaling fast and cost-effective.

"We are looking forward to serving more satellite service providers and broadcasting companies, bringing more value to their projects, and continuing the beneficial communication with the ST Engineering iDirect team”, said Krasimir Terziev, Director of Business Development at Orbital Connect.

Orbital Connect is Los Angeles-based company with sales offices in USA and Bulgaria, Europe. The company provides a wide range of satellite and ground communication services and equipment and delivers end-to-end solutions under one roof. We build our scalable solutions lead by the vision of a world in which satellite connectivity and IoT mean safety, empower progress, and ensure sustainability.

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